Carob Seed Honey. The carob plant is not harvested and grows wild in the Moroccan landscape. The honey produced from it has a truly on-of-a-kind taste of bittersweet honey flavor woven with strains of caramel and subtle chocolate. 

Jujube Honey. The tree that produces the bitter-apple-like jujube fruit also is responsible for ALILI's floral, fragrant and bittersweet Jujube honey -- one of the most unique honeys imaginable. 

Lavender Flower Honey. In addition to its awesome medicinal benefits, ALILI Lavender Flower Honey has subtle floral essence with lingering citrus notes.

Smen is a preserved Moroccan butter with a pungent, cheesy aroma. A small spoonful is usually sufficient for lending unique flavor to classic Moroccan dishes. Some Moroccans also enjoy it as a spread for bread.