Morocco is home to many different types of carpet. Whether made in a town or in the countryside (therefore Amazigh) a carpet always carries the DNA of its provenance – clues that are sometimes tricky for the untrained eye to spot.  you could say that Morocco had a road of carpets as well as a road of the Kasbahs and a road of honeys!

the origin of Amazigh carpets remains unknown. Weaving remains a woman’s job so it Moroccan women who weave the treads on their looms. In the High Atlas, squares, diamond shapes and triangles feature in carpets. in this region the traditional Moroccan red dominates. Carpets are thin and small in size. Tazenakht is the town that is best known for its carpets from the High atlas but they are also made in the surroundings of Ouarzazate and Chichaoua.