Setting a Geographical Indication on Argan Oil

Argan oil is a natural resource which can be found in the country of Morocco. With the continuous rise of its popularity, more and more countries are learning about this special plant and whatbenefits it can have to the people who use it. Many countries are also very interested in making argan an economic booster, much like tobacco and other crops that are especially imported for their industrial uses. The Moroccan community is not selfish to keep argan oil for themselves, but there is a definite advantage if they are recognized as the original and only exporter of this crop.
Making argan as a Geographical Indication is big boost to the Moroccan economy. This would mean that even if there would be other countries that would make or create an argan tree farm, it would be known to the world that the quality of the product directly produced from Morocco would be entirely different from all other argan oil products in the world. It is like a product’s copyright saying, “I am the original.” Nothing else will lift up the reputation of argan oil other than having its mark stamped on the map.
However, there are still a few more considerations that ORIGIN has to think about before giving it to Argan. What makes argan so special? Can it take care of its resources? How can it pledge the stability of its production with all of the world’s demand? Can it create an equal opportunity for the Berbers and the foreign organizations invested in argan oil? What will be the environmental and societal, even economic, effects of making argan a GI?
As for starters, the question would come to quantity. Let us say that the quality is assured saying that the extraction of the argan oil has been a tradition of Berbers for a few centuries now. However, with all of the world’s demand and a very constrained or limited source of the argan oil, how can it sustain supply to its consumers? We cannot create a deficit that will only favor one part of the world.
On the other hand, with the help of GI, argan will get the help of the European Union to protect its resources. It will also provide opportunities for Berber women to alleviate their status. Since the tradition has been for women to extract the oil from the nuts, cooperatives in Morocco only have women as its members. Also, their type of cooperative is not like the traditional business structure. Every woman is considered to have a shared income with the whole cooperative. This will also give them an advantage as they will be introduced to many advanced technologies that will be provided for the preservation of the standards of the quality of the argan oil.
In the many disputes about making argan a geographical indication, most are siding this idea. With the protection from EU and the World Trade to argan trees plus the assurance to these Berber women, there are more benefits in making it a GI than not.

Argan Oil best Product of The Year
Many people are looking for solutions to their cosmetic problems. Oftentimes these problems are naturally-occurring on the skin surface. They may be due to a number of factors, the most prominent of which is old age. When a person ages, his skin becomes drier and scalier, and the natural moisture and smoothness of the body is lost. This is the reason why so many beauty products are being formulated continuously. Today, argan oil is all the rage. It is also known as Moroccan oil, and it has great cosmetic and medicinal benefits.

The Many Benefits and Uses of Argan Oil
Need to improve your look? Try using Argan oil and see how it can give you great results for your skin and hair. Dubbed as miracle oil, this astonishing product is making headlines in the cosmetics industry because it seems to top the list of the most wanted cosmetic products.
Argan oil is expensive oil because of its rarity. This oil can only be found in a tree that is endemic in Morocco which is the argan tree. Argan oil is plant oil that is made from the kernels of the argan tree and it is highly regarded because of its nourishing cosmetic and health benefits. That is why even if this essential oil is quite pricey; a lot of people are still willing to shell out their money just to get hold of this product.

Argan Oil Hoax
Argan oil is now surpassing the level of any other oils in the world. It is now used in everything. It is used to solve acne problems, to nourish the skin, to give hair that supple glow, to grow perfect nails, to lose weight, to prevent cancer, to lose weight and many more! There are so many uses for the argan oil. The production quality as well of the argan oil is under surveillance since it has been officially called a Geographical Indication. It has marked Morocco on the map of the world as the main producers of argan oil, the golden oil. With its rapid growth for the past 15 years, there are rumors that there is a production of imitations of argan oil.
In any type of industry, there will always be a competition. However for the platform of the argan oil, there doesn’t seem to be any type of competition at all. So how can others earn from it? How can capitalists go with this trend? How can they formulate a system as good as this argan oil? In the music and film industry, the solution is very well known for everybody, piracy. Though, the only difference is that, piracy in the music industry entails a free distribution. But, the piracy of products like this is a total scam. In music and film piracy, they illegally copy the product and distribute it for free. However, the imitation of false argan oils is entirely different. They ‘claim’ that they are selling authentic argan oil when it’s not. With just the right amount of advertising, they trick people into buying the false products instead of the authentic ones
So how can we avoid this?
There are six things that you have to look out for: ingredients, price, scent, sediment, texture and bottle.
Ingredients. The ingredients should have a 100% argan oil. If there is anything else in there, even a drop of tear, that is not authentic.
Price. You have to remember, ARGAN OIL IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE OIL IN THE WORLD. The process of its creation plus its rarity set its price to a high bar so if ever you would see anything on sale, doubt it immediately.
Scent. If you are not buying online and you have the ability to check the product in person, you should smell it. Argan oil is carefully extracted in a way that its nutty aroma would stay intact. If it smells awful, it is fake.
Sediment. The sediment at the bottom will prove its authenticity. A highly refined oil, factory-produced cannot acquire that type of sediment at the bottom.
Texture. Is should be smooth. If it is sticky or slimy, then it is a completely different product.
Bottle. If you will see an argan oil sold in a plastic bottle or in a clear bottle, these are definite hoax signals. You have to be aware that these types of materials are not helpful in preserving argan oil. Bottles have to be made in cobalt or amber for it to be ‘argan-oil-suitable.’

Argan Oil is a natural hair protectant

–Argan oil is common to a lot of professional people working in the salon because of the benefits it can give to the hair. Below is a summary of the benefits that argan oil can give to the hair.
Argan oil promotes the good strength of the hair.
It nourishes the total strenght of new hairs and it doesn’t enter the hair pores.
It helps manage the hair by restoring their smoothness, stopping the tangles and eliminating the roughness.
It strengthens the hair by ensuring the real glow of it is seen from roots to tips.
Argan oil can be used on various dishes – Argan oil can used as cooking oil, a better alternative for olive oil. It can also be used as a condiment and makes a healthy ingredient for salad dressings. Due its nutritional components, many people want Argan oil to be a part of their healthy diet. Argan oil can effectively regulate a person’s cholesterol level. And its anti- inflammatory properties have showed great developments in preventing and curing cardiovascular problems as well as reducing arthritis pains.
Argan oil can do great wonders on the skin –Argan oil is rich in antioxidants so it has the ability to regress the signs of aging. Its restorative and ant- aging advantages have been the major reason of the increased demand of this product even though it is expensive. When applied to the skin, Argan oil can eliminate wrinkles and other skin degenerations. The presence of unsaturated fatty acids and Squalene on the Argan oil makes it’s very effective in fighting free radicals that causes skin aging.
Argan oil can cure many skin disorders –This is a great solution for dry skin. It helps freshen, soften and hydrate dry skin more than any other cosmetic products and creams. Argan oil has also the ability to diminish and eliminate stretch marks, acne scars and skin blemishes. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it has an effective treatment for acne, chicken pox and psoriasis. Just apply a generous amount of it on your body and face and you will eventually see how effective it is in improving your look and skin as well as in helping you achieve and healthy lifestyle.

Glow And Radiate With Argan Oil
Many beauty cosmetic products in market were known possessing healthy and nutritious compounds but not all were efficient with their result. However this recently discovered argan oil provide evidence which is known to be an effective item which can help us solve all of our problems when this is all about taking care of our skin and all other delicate parts of our body. This best oil is not only for skin talks, but it is use too in preparing food and has the engaging aroma that adds enticing effect on the food that makes more palatable.
This oil is popular in Morocco where the argan tree which is known to a lot of citizens out there which has been fond of using this kind of oil for some added time of storage and they call it as “tree of life” due to its immeasurable contribution to their traditions and culture. The sheep and goat were feed by its fruits and leaves. And the people who have raise cattle also use its nut for feeding and it promotes fast growth of the animal.
The women there use this oil as one of their beauty regiments. They apply it to their nails, hair and particularly on their skin since it have vitamin E, phenolic acid and carotene that help the skin to tenderize and remove dead skin. Plus, it contains prominent levels of essential fatty acids plus the amount of the amino acids. One of its characteristics that make it unique from other oil is the presence of plant sterols.
Our hair is our crowning glory and we really try our best to keep it smooth and organize to have a great hair day by day. We use different shampoo and conditioner that has the excellence compounds to maintain the hair manageable. So if you are one of the aspiring girls who wanted to have great hair every day, use argan national oil now. Study shows that this oil promotes growth of hair and repair damage and brittle hair due to pollution and use of different chemicals. This item also moisturizes, smoothens and strengthens our hair when it is use regularly. To apply, just drop sufficient amount of oil and you will have affluent and long stand from all different situations over a longer use.
The oil has much nutritive distinctiveness that can heal different illness, that it can treat different disease like diabetes. The number of person having diabetes is increasing. It is due to unhealthy lifestyle that they habited and now still continue doing it without even knowing the consequences. But we can prevent diabetes through by using this miracle oil and use it as part of our diet.
One of its vital qualities is the antioxidants that help restore DNA damages. This damage is the result of too much exposure to bad toxins and to those people who is a cigarette smoker. Fundamentally, argan oil helps to detoxify carcinogens by improving the immune system and repair the cells to that has been damage because of the pollution and stresses.

Protects the skin from damage from the elements – going out of the house is more than enough to subject the skin to a lot of damage. The pollution from dust, smoke and other substances can rub the skin wrong and this can lead to rapid skin cell deterioration. In order to avoid these issues, the best option is to use argan oil on the face. The oil puts a special protective layer on top of the skin that can effectively shield the skin from the bad elements.
Excellent moisturizer as well as makeup remover – argan oil has vitamin E as well as certain acids that are good for the skin. It is also a great moisturizer as well as a great make up remover. Many makeup artists now use argan oil as their primary make up remover. The effectiveness of this substance is definitely beyond argument.
Minimizes the production of oil – argan oil is also great for treating acne. This is because argan oil can help minimize the production of sebum in the skin. This in turn helps minimize the rate of production of pimples.
Prevents skin inflammation and redness – argan oil also has medical use. This is because it is very effective in treating all kinds of inflammation as well as certain skin diseases.

Argan Oil as a Dietary Supplement
Argan oil has been known all over the world since its uprising during the 90’s. It is now the world’s most expensive oil. Nowadays, there are an increasing number of demands for argan oil. Chefs all over the world are seeking for argan oil to be used in their masterpieces. Cosmetologists are getting a hold of this wonderful product to spread the news all over the world. There are different avenues that we want to open for argan oil. We want to unleash its full potential. Nutritionists and scientists are researching for more medical benefits of the argan oil. Can it be the next cure for cancer? Can it prevent us from having cancer? Who can validate these information to us and how can we validate it?
Nonetheless, the two main reasons why argan oil has become popular are because of its beauty and health benefits. Now, we are incorporating argan oil in the fitness and wellness industry. Can we use argan oil to lose weight? What are the proofs that it will definitely help us accomplish that goal? How can we be sure that argan oil is helping us lose weight? Why do we need argan oil in losing weight?
Research already proved the medicinal abilities of argan oil. It dissolves bad cholesterol and controls hypertension. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory product as it has a lot of anti-oxidants that helps regenerate cells. In terms of losing weight, these following information would be proof to its effectiveness: Argan oil stops hunger, therefore reducing your need to eat all the time; It suppresses your mind to feel hungry whenever you are still full. In terms of digestion, argan oil can help you have a regulated bowel movement, removing constipation.
This can be resolved within 24 hours. And, in terms of stomach pains like diarrhea, it can heal in just about two hours. It also stabilizes sugar levels and boosts the immune system. Therefore, with levels of our insulin intact, we will not feel the need to eat all the time. There are also proof that argan oil helps reduce chances of having diabetes, or even better, depleting diabetes in our bodies.
Having a healthy digestive system will help a person lose weight. It means that there are certain materials are being removed in our body. This will help us digest food easier and that will provide optimum nutrition to our body.
The great thing about argan oil is that it is a lot of things. You can have it for cancer prevention but it will also help you lose weight. You can have it as your beauty regimen and you are still benefiting your body. It is like you can never lose with argan oil.

Advantages Of Applying Argan Oil To Your Nails
One of the most astonishing assets of a beautiful woman is her nails. It is very important that our nails are well taken care off. This part of our body is often neglected but we have to keep in mind that just like the hair and skin, nails must also be maintained to look nice and well all the time. Great thing now also, we have the argan oil that assures us that our nails will be maintained to look good once we apply it to us.
There are also a number of girls who likes to have good manicured nails and keeping them but sometimes for a long grow is difficult. Some others have difficult time maintaining for strong nails. Here is some of the important information you need to know about the composition of nails before you do some treatment to your nails. You have to know that a nail is usually comprised of two major parts which is called the nail plate and the cuticle. This are required to always be taken care based from the important guidelines of expert
One of the most helpful ways for you to make your nails always well groomed is by applying argan oil to it. This special oil was made to make certain that you will always maintain well groomed nails. If you are people who always complain that your nails are becoming brittle and you have noticed some cracking on your skin around its edges, you better apply this special substance to your nails now. This will help your skin and nails become moisturized and strong all the time. You can effectively use this special oil to your cuticles if you want this become well groomed all the time. You can use this to dip your nails in it for some regular use.
You can also use this oil not just to your nails but also to your hair and skin. This is the best option for everyone who wants to maintain the great grooming all the time. In fact, this golden oil was extracted from the argan tree in Morocco which has seen to be a potential substance that really makes our skin soft, make our hair shine and most especially makes our nail strong. This oil has a lot of benefits unlike other oils which were formerly introduced in the market. The women from Morocco would peel out the layer from this fruit tree and extract the kernel from which the oil will come out. This will also help the women there to compensate their living.
A lot of researches would agree that this substance is really good. You can also directly apply this to your face, skin, hair and nails most especially without harm. So, by using it, this would assure you that your nail will really look the way you wish it to become. Do not forget that just like some other parts of our body; our nails need this proper nutrition and diet. When our nail grows faster and stronger, this would also increase the consumption of protein and vitamins so take care of it with the use of this special oil all the time.


Amlou is a chunky paste which is made from nuts, honey and argan oil. It is somehow like peanut butter. Amlou is a delicious food produced in the Sous region which is known for its abundant production of Argan oil.

 Traditionally, Amlou is prepared by women in their homes. They use a small stone mill to grind almonds which they mix with honey and argan oil to have a very cohesive paste. Amlou is served for breakfast and evening snacks. It is very sweet with a tempting chocolate like colour.

 Nowadays, Almou can be found in stores and you can order it in certain restaurants. But anyone can make it at home. What you need is a food processor to crush almonds to a silky smooth paste-like consistency, honey and Argan oil to prepare your own Amlou. The following steps will take you to enjoy the mixture of prestigious ingredients.


500g almonds.

1 cup Argan oil.

½ cup honey.

Way of preparation:

  1. Roast almonds in the oven for 15 minutes or until they become crunchy.
  2. In a food processor, grind the roasted almonds until they turn to powder then add oil gradually while blending  until you get smooth paste.
  3. Add honey and stir well then keep in a jar in a cold and dry place.

Serve Amlou with bread and tea.

Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is a natural product sourced from the kernels of the Argania spinosa tree (a species native to Morocco). Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants (including vitamin E), argan oil is often marketed as an anti-aging aid for the skin. In addition, consumption of argan oil is said to help with certain health conditions.

To date, few scientific studies have tested the effects of argan oil. While there is a lack of research on argan oil's benefits for skin, hair, and nails, preliminary studies indicate that argan oil may enhance health when taken orally. In tests on rats, for instance, scientists have shown that consumption of argan oil may fight insulin resistance, protect against obesity-related health problems, and lower blood pressure.

One of the few clinical trials to test the potential benefits of argan oil, a 2005 report from Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases found that use of argan oil supplements may aid in the prevention of heart disease. For the study, 60 young men consumed 25 ml of either argan oil or extra virgin olive oil every day for three weeks. Study results showed that both oils helped improve participants' antioxidant status (an effect that could help reduce cardiovascular risk, according to the study's authors).

However, more research is needed before consumption of argan oil is recommended for prevention or treatment of any health condition

The Olive

Morocco is a traditional producer of olives. Morocco has seen a steady increase in olive exports and the country maintains an active program to increase olive production by promoting olive tree planting. While this increase has seen Morocco become one of the world's largest olive exporters, Morocco recently moved ahead of Greece as the world's second largest exporter of olives, (1) it has also drawn the ire of some regarding the environmental implications of such growth. Growth in olive production have brought about ecological concerns stemming from Morocco's potential for desertification and increased pollution linked to olive processing plants. Around Marrakech, production plants involved with canning and olive oil production have caused serious atmospheric pollution. These problems will only increase as Morocco's olive sector grows and the government continues to support its augmentation. Some of the specific ecological change in Morocco involves the degradation of the soil and desertification. Essentially, these aspects cause the land to lose its production strength and in some cases, have led to destruction of the biological productivity of the land. These environmental changes are exacerbated by drought, yet it is imperative to understand that they are primarily human-induced phenomenon.(2) Therefore, increased awareness of the environmental aspects of increased olive production is crucial for Morocco and her agricultural production of the future.

Olive oil

To make olive oil is a real art. In Morocco .
The producingis  his famous extra.
virgin olive oil. Since then as a noble art has been passed down from generation
to generation and is alive today, still intact in the passion and new in the thought.
Discover the reason why our ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil are works of art.