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Moroccan Treasures

World renowned for both their skill, and their hospitality, the artisans of Morocco have long been sought after to provide beautiful Moroccan furniture and housewares, colorful kaftans and perfectly formed tagines and pottery. Their skill with wrought iron and mosaic tile has graced palaces and mosques the world over. Now, Treasures of Morocco brings brings that rich tradition to your doorstep, with direct delivery of the finest products of Morocco such as apparel, furnishings, kitchenware, and home accents.

Where dreams met reality

Morocco is a country with a rich tradition of handicrafts. The diversity of its people and culture, whose roots go back millennia, enabled the development of a highly varied and qualitative range of handicrafts. Moroccan artisans specialise in more than 70 different crafts and produce products of tremendous creativity. Their craft is constantly developed to ensure that the needs of the population as well as the expectations of tourists are met. They equally produce projects for the purpose of exports to other countries. The craft occupies an important place in the national economy and the employment of people.
However, a highly fragmented tissue consisting of a wide variety of geographically dispersed actors and a predominance of part-time and informal work characterizes the Moroccan craft industry. It also suffers from a lack of organization and poor institutional representation.


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